Eat In for more sustainable catering; tonight meeting at Boerengroep

Last week we organised our 4th Eat In at the Leeuwenborch social science building to raise awareness for more sustainable catering. Again, some 30 students and staff members shared their home cooked lunch with each other. Apart from anything else, it is fun to meet others and to eat a great variety of foods. For the first time, there was simultaneously an Eat In at the Forum building organised by ISOW. An ACT student group is currently researching alternative catering strategies in their project the Local Eatery. They used to Eat In to gather information via a small questionnaire. You can follow the Eat In’s by Elizabeth’s blog

The current catering contract will end next year. The university started preparations for a new tender for all its canteen facilities in the Netherlands. A new catering ‘vision’ is currently prepared before the tender will be published; a window of opportunity to start a dialogue on how it can be improved in terms of cultural diversity, healthiness, regional sourcing and waste reduction. We therefore invited the head of facility management and the head of social sciences. They couldn’t come but it led to two meetings in the coming two weeks to discuss our ideas.

Tonight a wide  range of student organisations, engaged staff members and local producers will meet at Lawickse Allee 13 to brainstorm about our vision for sustainable catering. The meeting is organised by the Boerengroep. If you want to join tonight or if you want to be kept informed, please send an email to

2 thoughts on “Eat In for more sustainable catering; tonight meeting at Boerengroep

  1. Ontzettend leuk initiatief. Helaas ben ik er niet bij geweest maar als hier verder over gediscuseerd wordt dan vindt ik dat zeker intresant. Ben zelf als cateraar ook bezig om alleen maar biologische ingredienten te gebruiken. Maar het gaat nog verder: hoe ga je om met het overgebleven eten, hoe ga je om met smaak verschillen van je gasten, allemaal heel intressante zaken rond een cateringbedrijf.

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