Harvesting the fruits of labour

Exactly two years after a film eveningorganised by Transition Town Vallei united some people of the neighborhood, the ‘forest garden’ in the Pomona neighborhood in Wageningen was officially opened by municipality Alderman Lex Hoefsloot on the 3rd of September. The implementation of the design made by the neighborhood (see previous blogs) was finished just in time. After planting many different fruit trees and bushes in March and April, numerous watering sessions during the dry spring and some rainy working days in May and June, we used the summer to build a few wooden structures such as a pergola, a tree- trunk bench and an information panel. Also…..the weeds kept appearing and we sowed grass which is regularly cut by one of the residents. Additional plants were planted too, offered by a resident who maintains them. In the week before opening, the community centre went into the garden with children to harvest the first apples. Not from the newly planted trees but from those trees we rescued from under the brambles. The apples were used by children in the weekly cooking class run by the centre to make apple pie. This was precisely how we envisaged the function and use of this ‘garden’ when we started writing the plan two years ago. I love it when a plan comes together. (pictures below; making fruit juice on the spot and garden excursion)