International Workshop in Urban Food Strategies



Next Week in Porto Alegre, Practioners, researchers and public agents interested in sustainable food prosumption will explore the Opportunities and challenges for feeding the cities and the countryside in the Brazilian contexts.

As one of the results of the PUREFOOD intercontinental cooperation the Rural Development Program of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, the Brazilian PUREFOOD Partner or the Rural Development Department of  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul organizes the first Workshop in Urban Food Strategies. Professor  Sergio Schneider and the food group ( have set  a very interesting agenda for the coming third and four of December. Harriet Friedman, Carolyn Steele, Maria Fonte, Cecilia Diaz and Willem Treep will join a select group of Brazilian researchers and practitioners as Ivana Lovo, Marcos Borba, Livia Barbosa, Patrícia Chaves, Francisco Milanez and Altivo Cunha in a workshop designed to join academia, public agents and food practitioners.

Live streaming and translation from Portuguess to English will be offered. So every one can join and enjoy the seminar. The online streaming will begin on Tuesday 3rd of December at 09:00 am Brazilian Time and will finish on Wednesday 4th of December in the afternoon. The following link will give access to the internet connection:

Full access to the program and information is available at