Re-localising Food Projects in Zurich

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I’ve spent the last few days in Zurich for a meeting of the SupurbFood project. Amongst the range of privileges this brings is that we get to visit different projects that are in some way shortening food chains, closing the cycles of nutrients and using land innovative ways.

Ortoloco, Zurich - peri-urban CSA with a view of an Ikea Ortoloco, Zurich – peri-urban CSA with a view of an Ikea

We visited a range of projects in Zurich but I thought at this point I would highlight three that are relevant to discussions the CCRI is involved with at the moment.

As I left the UK there was much discussion of the plummeting price of milk and the future of the dairy industry. One answer to this is to change the distrubition of milk so the farmer captures more of the value and consumers get a fresher offer. At the Markthalle Vidautk (Markethall Viaduct) Conradin Flurin (@FlurinConradin) had set up a…

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