Looking back, Looking Forward: Setting a future agenda for rural sociology

We are proud to announce our upcoming seminar series ‘Looking back, Looking Forward: Setting a future agenda for rural sociology’ as part of the 75th anniversary celebration of Rural Sociology. We will kick off the series in February and continue throughout 2021, leading up to our grand anniversary celebration on the 24th of September.

For this anniversary seminar series we have invited a range of highly interesting scholars active in diverse fields closely linked to rural sociology and engaging with research themes, questions, approaches, and concepts relevant for the research agenda of rural sociology. The seminars will engage with current work of the speaker as well as the context of past debates and future issues for rural sociology:

  • February 2021    Political ontologies of farming (Hugh Campbell)
  • April 2021           More-than-human rural sociologies (Anna Krzywoszynska)
  • May 2021           Farm labour, workers, and migration (Deniz Duruiz & Seth Holmes)
  • June 2021          Political economy of agrarian change (Helena Pérez Niño)
  • August 2021       Food, consumption and practice in everyday life  (Bente Halkier)
  • September 2021 Gender and Agriculture (Sally Shorthall )

Stay tuned for more detailed announcements of each seminar and possibilities to join!

Questions? Please direct them at Mark.Vicol@wur.nl or Lisette.Nikol@wur.nl.