Planning realities in Galicia – experiences and reflections

MSc-student Marlies Meijer has spent five months in Galicia investigating the relation between spatial planning and rural development. Earlier she wrote about her stay and experiences  in Galica: balancing between two realities and land abandonment in Galicia. She has returned to Wageningen to accomplish her MSc-thesis. Currently Marlies is attending the International Student Conference in Copenhagen, organised by the Euroleague Spatial Planning Initiative (ESPI is a network of six Universities) to present the paper ‘Planning realities in Galicia’ (click on hyperlink to download paper) on her experiences, the first findings and some reflection with regard to rural and urban planning in Galacia and collective management of production forest (so-called UXFOR) in particular.

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I'm Assistant professor at the Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University. Besides teaching and supervising thesis students, I'm involved in research on multifunctional agriculture, food provisioning and place-based development. My specific angle is transformative capacity, joint learning and innovation and institutional reform

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