Red Russian Kale

This is a precious time. Everyday a new shade of green appears with yet another tree coming out of its shell. It is the miracle of nature at work which I also intensely enjoyed growing up on a farm. Our balcony is joining the green forces; snow peas, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, herbs, flowers, brocoli, peppers, strawberries, red currants, raspberries. In part this nursery provides the allotment garden.

But yesterday we tried something new. We joined the guerilla gardeners who “attacked” the Netherlands this weekend in 7 municipalities. Guerilla gardening has blown over from the US and the UK and is about making public space in urban environments greener and more edible. Quite literally in our case. We planted ‘red russian’ kale in our neighborhood grown from seeds of the Small Potatoes farm in Iowa.

3 thoughts on “Red Russian Kale

  1. Whatever “Guerilla Gardening” of this sort that can be done is a good thing. Green and edible and local–YES! To educate people about this, the possibility, the benefits, what is edible and grows locally, and all, is very important, of course.

  2. Hi Petra! Great looking vegetables.

    I just mailed you a package last week.

    Hope you are well.


  3. Hello Petra,

    What joy to know your kale growing is a success. Think of us when you are eating it and come back to visit soon.


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