Thesis possibility with Dutch Sustainable Development Organisations


The thesis assignment is commissioned by Dutch Sustainable Development Organisations, COS Gelderland & OIKOS. There is an additional option to include your internship.

 The assignment is a feasibility study of a private network of (young) migrants, (inter)national students and others active in local sustainable development organisations. In order to encourage regional cooperation and to improve the quality of the activities by exchanging knowledge.

 Wageningen UR Science Shop accepted the assignment of COS Gelderland & OIKOS to do this feasibility study of the project ‘Participand’. The research will make you familiar with ‘Action Research’ and is a chance to achieve work experience in the field of the Science Shop and Dutch Sustainable Development Organisations. The research will start mid September.

Are you interested? Please contact project leader Margriet Goris ( or 06-28109539). The research is guided by Ina Horlings of the Rural Sociology Group ( or 06-51126725).