How to feed our cities in the future?

Thursday 5 April, 19-21
Reception (from 5 pm) with dinner at Stroom Den Haag (Hogewal 1-9, The Hague)

Location Tribunal: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
Information and tickets:

Today’s food system is in the line of fire. The advocates of an industrial food production coupled with a global economy are diametrically opposed to the supporters of local and ecological farming. Both parties defend their views with an almost religious belief. But the future of food is also the future of mankind.

Stroom Den Haag brings the two opposing parties together and into court. Experts from various fields and from different generations (from farmers to philosophers, from retailers to architects, from scientists to activists, from policymakers to politicians) will present their views on how to feed our cities in the future. Starting point is a threesome of visionary scenarios developed by artists/architects in connection with Stroom Den Haag’s ‘Foodprint’ program: Park Supermarket, City Pig and Foodscape Schilderswijk.

The tribunal concludes with a closing manifesto by a jury, stating how we can develop a sustainable food system for the city of the future. This manifesto will be published on the Stroom website and will be sent to all stakeholders. The setup of the food tribunal is in keeping with The Hague’s international profile as the City of Peace and Justice.