Course Global Sense of Place starting on October 29th!

For whom?

We invite all master students interested in sustainable development, spatial development, community building, place-based policy, rural socio-logy and anthropology for this course.


This course gives an overview of place-based approaches in development. A relational place-based approach is key to the understanding of interrelated rural and urban transformation processes and sustainable development. Places are considered as contingent but in time and space differentiated outcomes of three interrelated, unbounded, transformative processes: political-economic, ecological and social-cultural.
We will have discussions about:

  • Sense of place
  • Places as sites of negotiation and power struggles
  • The constitution of identities, subjectivities and difference.
  • Politics of place.

Why should you follow this course?

  • Interesting international guest lectures (if enough students attend the course)
  • Inter-disciplinary approach
  • Urban and rural cases
  • Interactive discussions in small groups

Some practical information:

Course code: RSO 55306;   ECTS: 6,  When: Period 2;

Lectures and Workhops on: Monday-, Tuesday-, Thursday- mornings.

Interested? For more information on the course see the online study handbook or send  an email to L.G. Horlings: A detailed Course outline will be available soon.