Interested in multidisciplinarity and traditional food?

Rural Sociology has been participating in an intensive programme on Micro-organisms and Traditional Food since last year. In the beginning of this year the first students experienced this programme by spending 2 weeks in Rumania; see the experiences of Cho-Ye Yuen, Hylke Sibtsen and Rineke Boonen. During these intensive weeks, you follow lectures by various scholars from around Europe focusing on both social and microbiological sciences, you work on group assignments and go on excursions. This time the IP takes place in Ghent from 4 to 15 February 2013.

If you are a Master student at Wageningen University and would like to join this programme, please contact Els Hegger for more information. To get a better idea of the programme, our colleague Petra Derkzen blogged about her experience last year during four different days; first, second, third and fourth.