Rural Uproar: Corona Proof Thesis Opportunity

So you want to do your thesis, but as corona-proof as possible. Than read the this call for a student interested in making a sociological analysis of rural uproar.

Unrest has brought tractor blockades to The Hague, Berlin, Paris and many other cities as a cocktail of grievances boil over. Yet rural uproar is not new. In his Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century, Eric Wolf examined the histories of peasant involvement in rebellions and revolutions in the twentieth century. Eric Hobsbawm and George Rude examined the rebellion and arson attacks by a rural population at a time capitalism swept from the cities to the countryside in England.

In this thesis opportunity you will be asked to study rural uproar, identify characteristics and grievances of protests and revolts, and its economic and political causes. For this thesis, you will do a systematic literature review in combination with archival work. When more recent uproar is taken into consideration, interviews are possible.

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Picture: Captain Swing, mythical figure whose name appeared on series of threatening letters during the rural Swing-Riots in the UK now 190 years ago.