Thesis vacancy: A new global movement

Thesis research (BSc/MSc)

A new global movement is in the making. It’s a movement known by many different names, such as democratic confederalism, communalism and municipalism. Defined as “a nascent global social movement” aiming to democratically transform the political and the economy (Thompson, 2021), it is build street by street, village by village, city by city. Protagonists refer to communalism or municipalism as a way to “take back the city” after decades of neoliberal privatization, make livable villages, experiment with new forms of co-production and co-op ecosystem and “put local institutions at the service of the common good” (Barcelona En Cumó 2019). The development of more sustainable food systems are seen as part of this emerging global movement (Sonkin & Treakle 2017), which has strong footholds in cities and villages in Catalonia (including Barcelona), Spain (i.e. Madrid), Argentina (i.e. Rosario), the United States (i.e. Jackson and Los Angeles), Mexico (Chiapas), Brazil (i.e. Bello Horizonte), Lebanon (Beirut Madinatti), and South-West-Kurdistan (Rojava) and many other regions across the world.

I am looking for students, who are interesting to do research into this new global movement and study one particular experience or “case” and the alternative forms of governance and production developed from within these experiences or “cases”.

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