Seminar on Voluntary Simplicity in Food Choices

voluntary seminarVoluntary Simplicity in Food Choices – A seminar to navigate through theory and practices of responsible food consumption

Voluntary simplicity is a movement that promises better lives on a more healthy planet. But how does this work in our every day food practices? WASS proposes an afternoon on the theories and practices of voluntary simplicity and critical food consumption: How can voluntary simplicity be understood in a food context? What would it look like? Could it be expressed in movements of artisan local production, organic farming, alternative food networks, etc.? And how?

This seminar features both leading thinkers (Philip Cafaro, Colorado State University; Jeanine Schreurs, Maastricht University) and local practitioners (De Nieuwe Ronde, Veld & Beek, Project EAT). Next to a figurative taste of theories and practices, it offers participants a literal taste of actual locally produced simple foods in order to induce a lively and inspired discussion.

Date: September 10th, 2013
Time: 13:30 – 18:30
Place: Leeuwenborch building, Wageningen

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