Global nutrient fight: micronutrients and geopolitics – lecture and debate December 10

Will monopolies, cartels and export restrictions define the future of your food?

RUW foundation will explore the world of the micronutrients in a lecture and debate featuring Wouter van der Weijden (director of CLM), Ellis Hoffland (WUR) en Petra Berkhout (LEI).

Venue: December 10, 2013 in the  Grand Café of the Forum building, starting at 19.30.

Free entrance and drinks afterwards.

GeopoliticsMicronutrients are irreplaceable and are essential for plant, animal and human health. Only about 4% of the world’s micronutrient stocks can be found in the EU (Platform LIS,2012). In the near future Europe will become dependent on other countries, including China, Chili, US, Turkey and Peru for the supply of micronutrients such as selenium and zinc for its agriculture. Find out how borders and international relations influence the struggle for micronutrient supply, how it will affect our food production and what options the EU has to ensure the availability of micronutrients.