Origin Food – course on Origin Food Products

Over the coming education period, covering eight weeks from March 1 till April 23, our group will again provide the MSc course ‘Origin Food:  a Market for Identity’. The course is compulsory for students of the Specialization Gastronomy of the Master Food Technology, but is open to students for other educational programmes as well.

Prosciutto di Parma

Food products with a geographical indication are becoming more important worldwide, both in economic and cultural terms. In the course a distinction is made between officially acknowledged ‘regional typical products’  with a protected geographical indication (such as Parma ham, Boerenleidse kaas, Café de Colombia) and ‘local food’ sourced locally by e.g. restaurants, shops or online box schemes.

The course deals with a range of questions on OFPs organised around five weekly themes: 1) Originality factors; 2) Regulation and legislation; 3) Marketing and branding; 4) Sustainability impact; and 5) Consumers’ appreciation, regional gastronomy and food tourism.

The course consists of a combination of lectures, guest lectures by experts, a gastronomic excursion and group assignments to study the particularities of Origin Food Products.

Contactperson: Dirk.Roep@wur.nl

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  1. I am studying this site for a week now, and i am very enthusiastic about it. Had a good talk with Petra Derkzen before and hopefully we will find a we to get connected. greetings Henry J.Alles

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