The Economics of Green care in Agriculture. Edited by Joost Dessein and Bettina Bock

Recently published and available on line The Economics of Green care in Agriculture, edited by Joost Dessein and Bettina Bock.


The publication is part of our participation in COST Action 866 ‘Green care in Agriculture’. This COST action brought scientists and practitioners together who are working in the broad domain of ‘green care in agriculture’ with the purpose of increasing the scientific knowledge on green care, its potential for improving human mental and physical health and on the best way to implement green care in agriculture throughout Europe. The COST action consisted of different working groups that looked into health effects of green care, the economics of green care and policies related to green care ( This publication reflects on the Economics of Green Care and the possibility to measure and evaluate its costs and benefits, taking into account the wide variation in Green Care arrangements throughout Europe. A limited number of free copies is also available at the Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research Merelbeke, Belgium (, where Joost Dessein works (email: