Thesis: Comparing the commons in New York, London, Berlijn and Nobelveldje?

nobelveldjeThis research will focus on a broad comparison of national and international examples of temporary use of wasteland. What can we learn from examples in New York, London or Berlin by comparing organizing systems, communication strategies, cooperation’s or coalitions that could be of use for new initiatives of temporary use?

The core group ‘Travelling Garden’ and Foundation Bloeiende Weelde succeeded in providing temporary use of wasteland at the Nobelweg, in Wageningen. The groups come from two different perspectives (an association of volunteers and an organisation using a business concept) but both want to continue working with initiatives like these because of their success.

Keywords: temporal use, mobile, involvement , expectations, responsibilities, divers, transition, civil-initiative, edible garden, self-organization, traveling garden (reizende tuin), quality of community, guerrilla gardening, social capital, DIY-care, social mobilisation, urban agriculture, citizenship, transition town, collaboration.

A thesis can be designed by the student with the above ideas. The process will be guided by the external commissioners who can provide support of ideas and access to people.

For more information: Jeroen Kruit, Alterra Wageningen UR,

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