Embracing and exploring diversity in sustainable transition pathways to food and nutrition security

A recent post on the local case-studies in TRANSMANGO. A diverse selection of 18 case-studies in Europe (and Tanzania) represent the Fragmented Foodscape that will improve our understanding of transition pathways to a sustainable food system.


Through the project TRANSMANGO we hope to contribute to a better understanding of sustainable transition pathways to changing food systems. Especially in WP6 we put focus on the diverse food practices performed on the local level all over Europe and their contribution to food and nutrition security[1]. The European ‘fragmented foodscape’[2] is constituted by a range of various and often contrasting social practices that co-exist and interact with another. Hence we have selected a diverse range of food practices all over Europe in order to explore whether and if so how they enhance food security. These practices range from urban food (policy) initiatives in the UK to food assistance in Italy.

The 18 diverse case-studies that have been selected for WP6 illustrate the European[3]  heterogeneity in Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) practices and transition pathways. The selection covers predominantly ‘counter movements’andmore radical FNS transition…

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