MSc thesis opportunity: A multi-method approach to assess the sustainability of the quinoa value chain in France

Duration: 6 months

Languages: English and French

Credits: 33-36 ECTS (programme dependent)

Start Date: As soon as possible

Quinoa is experiencing a global expansion of cultivation all around the world. France is one the most important producers of quinoa in Europe. Yet the sustainability of French quinoa production systems remains under-researched. This includes familiar debates of organic versus conventional production, as well as the viability of ‘farm to fork’ transportation and distribution systems.

The MSc candidate will assess the sustainability of the quinoa value chain in France. The candidate will conduct interviews with members of the cooperative “Quinoa d’Anjou” assessing the sustainability combining quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Following the current restrictions, the interviews will be conducted online.


  • Combining quantitative and qualitative data to assess the sustainability of quinoa value chain of the cooperative of Anjou in France.
  • Conduct a Life Cycle Assessment testing the MEANS program. Training will be provided.

Supervision team:

  • Mark Vicol, Assistant Professor in RSO
  • Federico Andreotti, PhD Candidate in GRS


  • Didier Bazile, researcher at CIRAD, France
  • Cécile Bessou, researcher at CIRAD, France

Relevant literature:

  • Alandia, G., Rodriguez, J. P., Jacobsen, S. E., Bazile, D., & Condori, B. (2020). Global expansion of quinoa and challenges for the Andean region. Global Food Security, 26, 100429.
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  • Interest in Agroecology studies, value chain studies and/or sustainable development
  • Interests and/or knowledge of food value chains: production, processing, distribution
  • Skills for conducting interviews remotely and data analysis
  • French language fluency is required.

If interested please contact