Internship possibility with Stroom Den Haag

 In 2009 Stroom Den Haag ( kicked off the program Foodprint. Food for the city. The program takes place over the course of several years and focuses on the influence food can have on the culture, shape and functioning of the city, using The Hague as a case study. The program invites artists and designers to develop appealing proposals on the subject, while at the same time establishing a clear connection with entrepreneurs, farmers, food experts and the general public. 

Foodprint as a project ends in 2012. To mark the end of the three year project, a book will be published and a symposium organised around the same theme: How do we feed our cities of the future (2050) in a sustainable way? Stroom is looking for a student to assist them with the organisational work but also to do additional research. For instance, there is an idea to create a visual essay with a timeline starting around 2050 B.C. (Sumerian clay tablets being the oldest judicial document, communicating about barley) with on it the most important laws and inventions in the field of production and trade of food in urban areas.

If you are curious about the possibilities, please contact Els Hegger (