Student asked for MSc-thesis research on poultry systems in Venda, Northern South Africa

There is a possibility for a MSc-student to explore poultry dynamics in South Africa. Post-apartheid socio-technical development interventions (still) favours the introduction and expansion of modern poultry systems (broilers and layers) among smallholders to supply meat and eggs to urban consumers. The ‘formula 1 chicken’ (or plof kip) relies heavily on purchased industrial feed and fodder. The market, in addition, plays a crucial role. Together they shape the future of this poultry system. Next to this modern system, a flourishing poultry hinging on indigenous scavenging chicken is operational.

The project aims to make a detailed socio-technical analysis of both poultry systems with a focus on problematic issues and opportunities.

Accommodation and a translator can be arranged. Info: