Thesis assignment commissioned by Foundation Social Workplace Saba (FSWS) on Food Sovereignty in Saba

The assignment is a participatory scenario development on the different possibilities to achieve a local food supply at Saba. Saba is a Caribbean island and the smallest special municipality of the Netherlands. At the moment most food is imported which makes food expensive for the inhabitants of Saba. At the same time agriculture fields aren’t being fully used. The assignment is to develop different scenarios for a local food market. Optional is a thesis assignment including an internship.
Wageningen UR Science Shop accepted the assignment of FSWS. The research will make you familiar with ‘Participatory Scenario Development’ and is a chance to achieve work experience in the field of the Science Shop and Regional Food Supply. The research will start in September.
Are you interested? Please contact project leader Margriet Goris ( or 06-28109539).