New report: Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement in Europe: An Action Plan for Sustainability

RPPThe Revaluing Public Food Procurement CoP of the Foodlinks project has published a new and innovative report: “Revaluing Public Sector Food Procurement in Europe: An Action Plan for Sustainability”. This is the outcome of a unique collaboration between policy-makers, practitioners and scientists working together during the FOODLINKS project.

A selection of inspiring best practice – case studies from Malmö (Sweden), Rome (Italy), East Ayrshire (Scotland), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Vienna (Austria) – is presented, with the aim of providing an overview of what change is happening across Europe. Continue reading

Voedseltuinen: local food for the low income in the Netherlands?

The Rural Sociology Group is looking for a Master student.

Local and organic food is hip in the Netherlands nowadays though it is often seen as being quite exclusive and not accessible for people with low income. Are there examples in the Netherlands of local, healthy food for low income people?

The voedseltuin (food garden) is a recent phenomenon (since 2011) that seems to be doing just that. In general, the voedseltuin can be described as a place where mostly low income volunteers collectively grow food for themselves and for the food bank. Hence, the voedseltuin is different from an allotment garden.

Why are these gardens popping up in different cities in the Netherlands? The aim of this research will be to explore the voedseltuinen: What are their aims, who are behind it? What are their ideas about food? Is it about having enough food, cheap food or healthy food or is it about something else? And how do these initiatives work out in practice? Are they able to merge their aims with their actual activities?

The student is expected to interview initiators and participants of voedseltuinen in the Netherlands which can become part of a Master thesis research.

Interested students can contact Femke Hoekstra, Rural Sociology Group

Foodlinks News (June 2013)


The latest issue of Foodlinks News is out!

Read about our meeting in Scotland and about some inspiring food initiatives in Edinburgh. Or about the short food supply chain CoP and the important meeting they had on slaughtering and meat processing with some experts in Austria. The newsletter also includes some accounts of the value of participation experienced by members of the public food procurement CoP as well as a short-list of  some of our favourite knowledge brokerage tools!

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